Environment and Health

Air, water and soil pollutions, Green spaces, Land use and protection, Natural resources management, Ecosystem services, Social awareness and behavior, Impact of new technologies and new ideas in environmental and health management (ecohealth), Environmental quality-geochemistry, nutrients, pollution, emerging problems and health issues, climate changes

Public Health Issues

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Public Health Practice, the dynamics of innovation in minimally invasive therapy in the modern era, Is the pill mightier than the knife? Pharmacological treatment and invasive therapy, now and the future, Health promotion and prevention, COVID19 and infectious diseases, Sport and Health, Healthcare Management, Pharmacological treatment, Prophylaxis of diseases, Smoking, Vaccination, Quality of life

Medical Sciences

New approaches to old medicinal problems, Dentist, Nanomaterials and nanotechnology in medicine, Translation Medicine

Food Problems

Food safety and control, Hunger and food security, Food and Health, Nutrition and dietary challenges, Bioproduction processes and the food chain

Agricultural Sciences

Plant Protection, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Irrigation, Agricultural Biotechnology, Field and Horticultural Crops, Green biotechnology - concepts, examples, results, Water needs of plants, irrigation needs, air-plant-soil relationship

Biosystem Engineering

Biological systems for sustainable developments, Power and machinery, Automation and emerging technologies, Renewable energy sources, Precision agriculture, Structures and environment

Agricultural Economics

Sustainable development f rural areas and agriculture, Circular economy, Resource efficiency, Bioeconomy

Animals Science

Veterinary Medicine, producing, Animal welfare


Sustainable challenges and solutions for health human environment